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Lulu Trade Paperback 2011, ISBN 978-1257104086

Rebellious star pilot Phillip Barreda just barely scrapes out a living for himself and his handicapped brother, Jerry. But their lives change when they accidentally discover an interstellar gateway at the edge of colonized space where his ship is attacked and disabled.

Forced to team up with the ironfisted Space Marshall Amanda Hayes, Phillip and his passengers are soon brought face to face with Dr. Cornelius Plato, a brilliant scientist exiled from earth over four centuries ago who has discovered the secret to immortality.

Along the way, Phillip and Amanda learn that the line between sheriff and rouge isn't always well-defined. As they team up and discover how powerful Dr. Plato truly is, an unlikely hero emerges as Jerry discovers that he alone holds the key to stopping the evil doctor.

Award Nomination:
The Independent Publishers Book Award


Amazon Kindle eBook 2010, ISBN 978-0983078838
Lulu Trade Paperback 2010, ISBN 978-0983078814

Traci Ganner is a bold young star ship captain who finds herself at the center of a galactic war that she is responsible for. As a Terran star ship commander, she discovers a violent race that can destroy the Empire.

But as an Orion spy, if she chooses to release this terrifying tempest upon the galaxy, can she stay one step ahead and betray everyone she knows in order to save everyone she cares for? Read an excerpt!

Lulu Trade Paperback 2011
Amazon Kindle eBook

Following the sack of the Empire by the warlike Valdi race, Traci Ganner is tasked with making contact and negotiating a settlement with the invaders. But her job is harder than that, for she must ultimately get them to agree to share their most powerful advantage, their strike fighter technology.

Equiped with a specially equipped battle cruiser, Traci must draw the line between the two strongest admirals fighting for the Terran throne. But if she chooses the wrong one, her Orion people will be enslaved foreverůRead an excerpt!


Amazon Kindle Edition 2011, ISBN 987-0983078890
Lulu Trade Paperback 2011, ISBN 978-1257104741

Investigating the mysterious gateway in the Valdi star system proves far more dangerous than Traci had imagined, when her battle cruiser, turned battle carrier, is attacked and captured by a new race of Terrans. Facing interrogation, Traci must not allow the location of the temporal rift to be discovered.

But help comes from an unlikely source, as a handsome Terran starship captain comes to her aid and helps her escape the castle where she is being held prisoner. Racing against an imminent Terran invasion, Traci finds herself drawn to a primative village that serves an ancient magical temple of immense power. For within the temple she must attempt to unlock the secrets of her own mind if she, and her crew, are to survive. Read an excerpt!


Coming in early 2013

Lt. Cheryl Kinson and Cmdr. Connor Leary are worlds apart. Kinson, a geeky smart girl on the science division fast track, isn't making any friends on the new ship quickly. Leary is serving out a sentence as a member of a conquered race, doomed to never have a command of his own. But when people start dying on their ship, they have to work together to find out who wants them dead, and discover if their single ship could be the spark that burns down the invincible empire!

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