• "I genuinely liked the story presented in Fall Of The Terran Empire and I think it is well worth the read... it will keep you thinking until the very end, then it will throw you a final twist that sets up the next book, Orion Gambit." ~ Gregory J. Saunders, Allbooks Review


Rounding the bend - Update: October 2012

The first novel in the new Orion War series, Fatal Containment, is almost drafted. The characters are solid and the plot has far fewer holes (I'm not sure you can get rid of all of them). I promised not to write a book that I wouldn't want to read more than once. I intend to keep that promise even if it is taking me a bit longer than normal to get it to print.

Some of your favorite villains are back along with a whole new cast of characters, including a pre-cog (someone who can detect the future), some young Orion upstarts, and a Terran cyborg. But don't get too attached to the characters, as some of them are likely to get killed off in the first book.

Lots of things going on in my family, my primary job (you know, the one that pays the bills between novels), and some really amazing author opportunities on the horizon. I'll publish the pre-released work on Wattpad first for my loyal fans and then the eBook will be sent to the editor for the pretty version.

The beloved Traci Ganner series is still being read out on Wattpad for free to the tune of almost 900,000 reads. Book 3, Glory and Empire, is now available as well completing the series. See my links page for a real time counter of how many people have now read it!




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